neutiquam erro
hi!! i'm piera. i am a 17 year old american girl on a year-long french exchange program via AFS. this is a blog i will be keeping during my stay so that i don't have to send emails to everyone in my family. i will post updates and pictures and stuff, usually around 5-9pm my time (so like 11am-3pm eastern time). hover over this box to see links appear MAGICALLY below

today’s hour-long bus wait purchase: un sandwich ‘au parisien’: basically a baguette w ham & butter. DELICIOUS

anyway the reason i bought, like, actual people food instead of sugary goodness like yesterday is because apparently, two hours is still not actually long enough for my gym class. so it ran into my lunch time & i had to skip.

yes, you read that right, my gym class is literally two hours long.

ofc almost an hour of that was taken up by walking to and from the stadium (i checked. it’s 2 km away from school. i have never appreciated DA having its own track more than i do right now), which in itself was Super Duper Fun

anyway apparently this whole trimester is going to be running around the track in various patterns or whatever

spoiler alert: i don’t enjoy any more & am not any better at running now than i was a year ago, or two years ago, or five years ago, or I COULD GO ON, DO YOU WANT ME TO GO ON

anyway so gym class pretty much went like the image post IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING (chronologically) this one, bc tumblr mobile is Actually Terrible, & then we were back too late to eat lunch anyway

today was not incredibly successful

also i had homework what the heckie this is not what i signed up for